New Year's corporate parties

New Year's corporate parties

The New Year is coming very soon. The turn of the New Year holidays is coming.
The Bretzel restaurant for men's cuisine invites you to celebrate the New Year's Eve with colleagues and friends! Combined Christmas corporate parties are a pleasant opportunity to spend the old year and meet the new one in a warm company.
We invite companies from two people! Choose a date convenient for you: December 14, 15, 22, 28 or 29. Collection of guests at 19:30. Beginning at 20:00.
The program includes lively live music with a two-hour music marathon (Rockabilly, Neo-Swing) and dancing.
All the halls of the restaurant will be festively decorated, and in the lobby we will put a large New Year tree!
Waiting for you: New Year's treats, professional photographer, interesting acquaintances, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, merry Santa Claus and New Year's gifts.
The cost of the banquet menu if paid before November 30 is 3,600 rubles. per person. When ordering less than 50,000 rubles - special conditions for alcoholic beverages (30% discount or cork fee).
A lot of tasty meat, amazing snacks and, of course, favorite drinks. Special offer for large companies: When ordering from 50 000 rub. You can bring any drinks "with you"!
It doesn't matter if you are a big company or a small one. Come to us! After all, celebrating the New Year together is more fun!

TELEPHONE: +7 (921) 936-06-46

New Year's men menu:


Men's "board" (smoked ham, veal pate, venison)
Women's “board” (sea bass ceviche, tuna fillet of weak salt, volovan with red fish pate, cod reed pate)
Stroganin from muksun on a pillow from onion tar-tar “Siberian”
"Burnt" carpaccio of marbled beef. Cooking in the hall.
Pasta cheese with tomato "bomb" and sauce "7 herbs"
"Salmon crab under a fur coat" with red caviar
Forest mushrooms with fragrant oil or sour cream
Barrel of sauerkraut without restrictions
Salad with smoked turkey and baked pumpkin.

Hot snack

Meat sausages in assortment (Munich, Bavarian, a la chorizo)
"Beer balls" / Chicken wings inside out

Board with meat

Stewed beef ribs
Parchetta of pork belly
Marbled Beef Steak
Turkey steak
Tuna steak

Side dishes
Grilled vegetables
Potato Barrel
Braised cabbage served in bread

The drinks

Beer "Prezel" 0.5 choice
weiss, keller, stout
Morse or Water